Limited Liability Company

«Uralsk Mechanical Plant»

  • production of spare parts, in particular crankshafts to the engines of MTZ tractors, GAZ, ZIL, PAZ vehicles, as well as for various special machinery with MMZ engines (engines D-241L, D242 / 242L, D-243 / 243L, D-244, D- 245, D-245.12C, D-245.7, D-245.7E2, D-245.9, D-245.9E2). The production of spare parts is carried out on special line-mechanized lines equipped with specialized equipment;

  • production of a wide range of building materials, in particular tiles paving several names, curbs, wall and partitions;

  • production of galvanized and coated with polymeric profiled sheet on modern Finnish high-tech equipment that provides high quality of finished products;

  • the plant has a license to carry out production activities related to the repair and manufacturing of oil and gas field and drilling equipment.

      The plant also has repair and tool production equipped with mainly universal equipment that allows performing all kinds of machining, including the processing of large-sized parts.
     The production of non-standard equipment is organized. In the production workshop non-standard equipment on the orders of third-party organizations, are manufactured products of any complexity and purpose. Technical capabilities enterprises can successfully cope with complex tasks, including complex performance of the customer's tasks, from the joint preparation of technical assigning and developing detailed drawings to the installation of non-standard equipment and metal structures.

      The collective of the plant does not stop there, it is systematically and systematically conducted work on increasing the range, improving the quality of products, improving existing production processes, introducing modern technologies and developing new productions.

  • In 2009, the company implemented and certified a quality system that meets the requirements of the standard ISO 9001: 2008 .
  • Since the beginning of 2009, the plant has started to develop a new production area, a workshop for the repair of oil and gas and drilling equipment was put into operation.
  • Since August 2012, the plant has started producing a more modern crankshaft 243-1005010 (243-1005015) to the D-243 diesel engine lineup.
  • Since March 2013, the plant has started to produce a crankshaft for D-245 engines.

      Our principles:

  • providing reliable and high-quality products that meet the consumers requirements and technical standards;
  • ensure the conformity of the price and quality of products;
  • ensure the supply of products in full accordance with accepted obligations;
  • Individual approach to each client;
  • fast registration and shipment of goods in the shortest time.