Production of the crankshaft 243 , 245, 245.9
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Production of profiled sheet
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Hydraulic gate valve ZMG-80х35 Print
  • After recovery:
Hydraulic gate valve ZMG-80x35
  • Before restoration:
Hydraulic gate valve ZMG-80x35
Types of work done:
  • Saddle and Tare Places are Protected
  • The end of the flange was cut on the lathe
  • Sealing grooves in accordance with the
  • Made new saddles
  • Manual lapping of the saddles on the lapping plate
  • New poppet springs made
  • A new slide is manufactured
  • Manual lapping of the slide on the lapping plate
  • A new push-fit sleeve is manufactured
  • A new hull cover is manufactured
  • A new manual stroke rod is manufactured
  • A new hydraulic cylinder is manufactured
  • Hydraulic cylinder piston manufactured
  • A new spindle is manufactured
  • A new stock is manufactured
  • A new helm is manufactured
  • Chevron type seals replaced
  • Replaced rubber sealing rings
  • Manufactured: glass and glass guide sleeve
  • Bearings replaced
poster Certificate of Origin
poster Certificate of Origin
Building Materials
poster Certificate of Origin
Non-standard equipment
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