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Repair of Oil and Gas Equipment and Drilling Equipment

      Since the beginning of 2009, the plant has started to develop a new production direction, separating a workshop for the repair of oil and gas and drilling equipment. Today the workshop successfully repairs gearboxes of various degrees complexity, such as lowering, wave reducers, reducers agitators, rotary rotors, swivels, rotary power drill boxes installations, the repair of stop valves is performed, the manufacture of components and spare parts for oil and gas equipment. Constantly improving own experience in the application of modern equipment repair technologies, constantly expanding the range of products, the factory confidently takes worthy position among the servicing enterprises of the oil and gas sector.

RC-1.53C Reducer

      Reducer RCS-1.53 ​​single-stage step-down cylindrical special with straight cylindrical wheels gear ratio 1.53, the maximum torque on the high-speed the shaft of the reducer is 255 kgm, the speed of the high-speed shaft - 1200-1600 rpm, the circumferential speed in the mesh is 11.3-15 m / s, the gear ratio is 1.53, the weight is 720 kg. Is a component part of drives of drilling rigs ZD-76, 3D-86, 3000 DB, is used in all power units of ASDU type.

      Overhaul of gearboxes consisting of the following main stages:
  • conducting a full survey of the state of the gearbox received by repair with a description of the installed defects of units and parts, drawing up defective list;
  • sand blasting of the body, covers and other body parts reducer;
  • machining of the housing and gearbox cover surfaces;
  • boring holes (bearing seats) with a preliminary alignment by axes and coordinates;
  • manufacture of all gear components (gear elements transmission, shafts, clamping rings, breather, threaded installation and fasteners);
  • restoration of body parts, cooling system components and heating oil, body tire-pneumatic coupling;
  • assembly of the gearbox with replacement of all accessories (shafts, gears, radial-spherical bearings, lip seals and etc.), painting;
  • Gearbox test after running repair.

Repair of slide, manifold, perforation valves

      The company provides services for the restoration and overhaul of wellhead and tree fittings. Our company has completely mastered the repair of slide, manifold, perforating valves of various manufacturers.

      Overhaul of the valves includes:
  • sandblasting of the body and body parts of the valve;
  • restoration of the hull (machining grooves for sealing rings, seats for saddles, surfacing possible);
  • restoration of the seal tightness;
  • restoration or manufacture of a gate and saddles;
  • restoration of the spindle group (seal pack, bearing assembly, slide gate position indicator);
  • testing for leaks;
  • filling the case with "Armatol" lubricant;
  • conservation and painting;
  • execution of repair documentation.

Mixer Wave Reducer

      Wave Reducers with Intermediate Links "(WPSP) are a unique development in the field of power links. They have large gear ratios, high service life and efficiency, provide high torque transmission at small dimensions, smoothness and noiseless operation. Recently, reducers have been widely used in various mixing devices in the oil and gas and mining industry. The reducers are characterized by a simple and reliable design, they have significant advantages in shock modes of loading and have good reloading reserves.

      Thorough repair of wave reducers of mixers includes:
  • Making the necessary rollers      
  • Making an eccentric shaft      
  • Making a drive shaft with an eccentric      
  • Making half-couplings of a reducer drive      
  • Making the driven coupling half of the mixer      
  • Replacement of all bearings and cuffs
            Repair of gears for a Romanian stirrer:
  • Manufacturing of gears      
  • Making the drive shaft      
  • Making the drive gear      
  • Manufacture of a driven shaft      
  • Repair gear pump      
  • Making a protective plate      
  • Making half-clutches of the stirrer drive

Rotor Р-360, Р-450, Р-560 and others ...

   The drilling rotor is intended for transferring the rotation of the drill string during the drilling of holes by the rotary method, keeping the drill string and casing string during the lifting operations and at screwing them up and unscrewing, during the elimination of accidents in wells.       
      The rotor is an angular gear that transmits a vertically suspended drill string from a horizontal drive shaft.       
      The rotor drive is carried out by chain transfer from drill winches or cardan gear from shift boxes and less often from an individual drive.        
      The rotor consists of a steel frame in whose internal cavity a steel cast table is mounted on a thrust ball bearing with a toothed crown fixed on a hot fit. This gear ring with a bevel gear represents an angular gear that converts the horizontal rotation of the rotor shaft into rotation of the driving tube, clamped in the rotor table by clamps around the vertical axis.        
      This rotor is used on drilling rigs of the type BU-75 Br.

              The company performs major repairs of rotors, consisting of the following main stages:
  • conducting a full survey of the state of the rotor, received for repair with a description of the installed defects of components and parts, drawing up a defective sheet;        
  • sand blasting of the body and other rotor body parts;        
  • manufacture of shafts, driving and driven gear, intermediate gear unit, table top;        
  • replacement of all bearings, cuffs;        
  • assembly, painting of the rotor;        
  • rotor test (run-in) after the repair.

Swivel VB-80

      The swivel is the connecting link between the tackle system and the drill string suspended to the swivel part of the swivel. The swivel suspends a clone of drill pipes weighing several hundred tons at a speed of rotation up to 350 rpm with the supply of a washing liquid under pressure of hundreds of kilograms per square meter. see the construction of it must be strong and airtight.

      The company makes a major overhaul of the swivel, consisting of the main stages:
  • dismantling, conducting a full survey of the state of the swivel, received for repair with a description of the installed defects of parts and parts with the preparation of a defective sheet;        
  • sandblasting of the shell and body parts:        
  • making a trunk, a mud tube .