Production of the crankshaft 243 , 245, 245.9
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Production of profiled sheet
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Rotor RUP-560 Print
  • After recovery:
Rotor RUP-560
  • Before restoration:
Rotor RUP-560
Types of work done:
  • Disassembled, flushed and assembled rotor table.
  • The main and auxiliary support of the rotor table has been replaced.
  • Intermediate vertical shaft is manufactured.
  • Splined shaft is manufactured.
  • The rotor cover is restored.
  • The bearing seats in the main shaft housing have been restored.
  • The cover of the drive shaft housing was restored and the pressure flange was manufactured.
  • The rotor threaded holes are calibrated
  • A new table cover is made.
  • A new slotted half-coupling is manufactured.
  • The axle landing site in the rotor housing is bored.
  • An axle landing axle hub is manufactured, pressed and welded.
  • Rust cleaned and rotor table liner retainers in working condition.
  • New knobs with stopper retainer for the rotor table drive shaft
  • The body of the rotor is stripped from the welding influx.
  • The drive shaft bearings are replaced.
  • Replaced cuffs.
  • All gaskets have been replaced.
  • Completed with hardware.
poster Certificate of Origin
poster Certificate of Origin
Building Materials
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Non-standard equipment
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